Bunny Camp - Adult and Child

For kids 8-12 years of age and an adult. Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, or Dad – bring an adult, learn the game and increase your skills!

For this camp, the adult attending will register. During the registration process, we will ask for the youth participant’s name and age.

Junior Lucky Shots

We have three options for youth ages 10-18 to learn and play at a Lucky Shots camp this summer.

For Beginners
Option 1: Ages 10-14
Option 2: Grades 9-12
The beginner option is for anyone who is brand new or fairly new to the game. We will teach all basics of the game, and stretch everyone’s skills each day. Participants can expect two instruction periods per day, each one followed by play time to put those new skills into practice.

For Advanced Players
Ages 12-18
The advanced option is for those players who have 6 months or more of regular play in their recent history, and have a command of basic rules and primary shots. This camp will feature drilling of basic shots, fine-tuning weaker shots, developing advanced strategies, and connecting with players of your age and ability. Time will be divided between instruction, drilling, and gameplay. This is an exciting opportunity to rapidly increase your skills and playing ability!

Multiple Youth for the Same Camp?
Contact Lucky Shots for help setting up a family account for you, so you can register each youth under their own name.

Summer Camp Dates