Private Lessons Type

Private Lesson

One on one instruction with one of our Lucky Shots Pros. A great way to improve a particular skill or mechanic that you are struggling with.

Semi Private Lesson: 2 Players

Semi private lessons allow two people to work on specific skills and mechanics with one Lucky Shots Pro. A great lesson to take with your partner or a friend.

Pro Plus Three: 3 Players

3 players work with 1 Lucky Shots Pro in a very interactive lesson. Skills and mechanics can be worked on in real time play, with the Pro as one of the players.

Small Group Lesson: 4 Players

This lesson type is a great opportunity for a small group to work on improving their playing style and mechanics. The Teaching Pro is able to properly diagnose and correct your mechanics as they view you from all angles during play. Both mechanics and strategy can be discussed effectively in this lesson type.

Head Instructor David D

David has played as a 5.0 player all over the United States. He currently is a top APP 5.0 player and as a coach, his passion for person specific coaching alongside fundamental mechanics has allowed him to coach the tournament medalist as well as the pickleball enthusiast. David’s passion for people and pickleball has inspired not just an appreciation for the sport of pickleball, but a lifestyle transformation. David cannot wait to help you discover your best on and off the court.


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To sign up for private lessons, start by completing our lesson request form. We will take that information and find the Pro and timeslot that will work the best for your needs and availability. We will contact you within 4-7 days to set up your lesson.

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Attend A Clinic

Want to learn in a larger group setting, focusing on one skill set? A clinic might be the right option for you!

Clinics and Camps